At Carbon Jacked we make it easy for everyone to combat climate change so that we can keep enjoying our planet. We're building a community that do the right thing but have fun doing it.

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The Two Jacks

First and foremost we're two friends. Our journey has taken us from the corporate world of navy blue suits and jargon, through the idiosyncrasies of Indian politics and the UK Civil Service, and now to Carbon Jacked. Despite, as many do, Jack finding it hard to warm to Jacques on first impressions, and despite our wildly differing interpretations of fun, we have stayed friends throughout.

We started Carbon Jacked because we want to make doing the right thing easy and fun. We feel that all too often climate organisations are unwilling or unable to persuade people to take action on climate change - so we're here to do things differently.

  • Loves wild swimming, festivals, skiing and a pint(s) with friends.
  • Dislikes haircuts.
  • Loves books, routine, coffee and endurance sports.
  • Dislikes sleep.

About Carbon Jacked - FAQs


Carbon offsetting is defined by the Oxford dictionary as: the action or process of compensating for carbon dioxide emissions arising from industrial or other human activity, by participating in schemes designed to make equivalent reductions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


Carbon offsetting is an important and valuable part of tackling the climate emergency.

The projects we partner with have tangible benefits. They reduce CO2 from the atmosphere and have a positive social impact by contributing to a wide range of UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as eliminating poverty, providing quality education, and creating sustainable jobs and economic growth to name but a few.

We believe carbon offsetting is a practical and realistic way for all of us to start combating climate change. If we’re going to meet the challenge of the climate emergency, it’s crucial individuals start to understand their carbon footprint and take action.

But carbon offsetting is only one part of the picture. Reductions in emissions and technological solutions will also play a key part in tackling the climate emergency.

We use CO2 emissions per capita as the basis for your carbon footprint. This is calculated by taking the total emissions of a country and dividing by its population.

We take the accuracy of our data very seriously, which is why we use Our World In Data, a nonprofit research platform based at the University of Oxford. Our World in Data focuses on making data and research more accessible so that people can tackle the biggest issues facing society.

We guarantee to offset at least as much CO2 as your membership plan sets out through the highest quality Gold Standard projects within the category of project that you selected. If for any reason the cost of offsetting your footprint is less than your membership plan, we will invest any additional money in our members, our business and into projects that have a positive environmental and social impact, such as further carbon offsetting or education programmes.

We only partner with projects verified under the Gold Standard for the Global Goals, which is the leading international standard for carbon offsetting projects and guarantees that projects actually offset the amount of CO2 they claim to. The Gold Standard was established in 2003 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other international NGOs to verify projects that reduce carbon emissions and ensure they also contribute to sustainable development. Based on the Paris Climate Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, it guarantees that your money is going towards the projects with the greatest environmental and social impact.

We categorise our projects into three main groups renewables, reforestation and community. Within these groups we select projects and work with them for their lifespan. When a project is complete we pick another project from the same category.

Your membership begins from the point of purchase. Thereafter a payment will be taken on a monthly basis from the original purchase date.

You can change your subscription at any point. Your new subscription will be active from your next payment date subject to our ability to process the change. We endeavour to process subscription changes as quickly as possible.

We understand you may need to cancel your subscription. So we try to make this as easy as possible and process cancellations quickly.

Carbon Jacked is a business that makes it easy for individuals to have a positive environmental and social impact.

We have made the choice not to take on any external funding, which means achieving this positive impact is our priority, rather than delivering profit for investors. We will also reinvest a proportion of any profits we make into social causes close to our hearts.

In order to fund our business and invest in future growth we take £1 from each transaction. Under UK law we are required to add 20% VAT to our transaction price.

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