We give you the choice of UN Gold Standard We only partner with projects verified under the Gold Standard for the Global Goals, which is the leading international standard for carbon offsetting projects and guarantees that projects actually offset the amount of CO2 they claim to. verified projects that reduce carbon in our atmosphere. Pick the type of project you want to support and we’ll keep you updated on the impact you’re having.

Renewable Energy

Our current project uses hydropower to generate sustainable electricity. It also supports minority ethnic groups, renovates local classrooms and connects households to clean water.

  • Nam Hong Hydropower, Vietnam
  • From £3.77 per month
  • Gold Standard verified

41 Jobs

35,000 tCO2e pa

83k MWh of clean energy

Provides health insurance


Our current project combines reforestation for sustainable timber production with biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration, protecting the natural habitat for wildlife.

  • Vichada Forest Restoration Colombia
  • From £4.92 per month
  • Gold Standard verified

80 families

51k tCO2e

13k ha of planting area

80m trees


Our current project removes the need for polluting wood-fuelled fires by providing clean drinking water for Rwandan communities. This also reduces the risk of water-borne diseases.

  • Safe water supply Rwanda
  • From £6.42 per month
  • Gold Standard verified

125k tCO2 pa

85k t of wood saved

68k people

50m litres pa supplied

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