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Removing plastic pollution from our oceans

Why we do what we do

Ocean plastic pollution is an omnishambles. Yes to resolve it we need wholesale international policy, infrastructure and process change BUT we’re not just going to sit around and wait for that. So we’ve created a way for everyone to do something about it.

What we do

We’re an environmental start-up that help businesses & individuals combat climate change. For us saving the planet shouldn’t be boring, so we’re doing something about it.


  • Campaign for policy change
  • Do beach cleans (I mean it’s not just beach cleans - we do them anywhere out in nature, but park clean sounds less cool)
  • Support epic projects that remove plastic pollutions from our ocean
  • Get new people involved in the movement
  • Help organisations on plastic literacy (businesses, charities, schools, the lot)
  • Review & promote plastic-free products

What we don't do

  • Get too preachy
  • Say you can never use plastic again
  • Give up


  • We guarantee for every transaction we’ll remove at-least the equivalent of 25 bags of ocean or ocean-bound plastic pollution. You’ll also be supporting all of our other work on plastic, climate and nature.