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Net Zero – what does it mean?

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Published 11/1/2022

Now this term is being thrown around a lot recently and you may have heard about people or businesses setting Net Zero targets, but what does that actually mean?

What does Net Zero mean?

Basically, being Net Zero means that you as a country, business or individual are no longer adding any additional greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and are therefore not contributing to climate change.

Getting to Net Zero

To reach Net Zero it’s all about reduction. You need to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions as close to zero as possible and then remove any remaining emissions you do release through carbon removal projects such as tree planting.

Now this means you may still cause some emissions, but you are balancing them out – hence the whole NET Zero thing.

Still confused? Don’t worry if you are because half the companies claiming to be Net Zero are pretty confused too.

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Net Zero by 2050

Alongside “Net Zero” you may have heard “Net Zero by 2050”. So what does “Net Zero by 2050” actually mean? And why is it important?

The global Net Zero target is to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050.

The 2015 Paris Agreement, which is a legally binding international treaty on climate change (more details on this coming soon...), commits countries to limit the global average temperature rise to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels, and ideally below 1.5°C. Limiting warming to this level will limit irreversible and catastrophic changes to our climate.

Following this agreement, the World’s leading scientists calculated that if we were to achieve this we would need to cut emissions 45% by 2030 and reach Net Zero by 2050.

What can individuals do?

You can also play your part as an individual by reducing your emissions as much as possible. Check out our Carbon Jacked Nature Positive memberships to learn about your carbon footprint and get tips to reduce it. Your membership also contributes to some epic climate projects that will combat climate change.

Net Zero for businesses:

Setting a Net Zero target as a business is complicated and needs to be done properly, so we’ve set out some more detailed guidance here.

If you're thinking about how your business can become more sustainable or reach Net Zero and want some guidance, get in touch with us at and we can set up a chat.

You can also check out our Nature Positive employee memberships and the rest of our business services here.

If you run a brand or business and want to talk about sustainability, drop us a message at, or check out our business services.

We do everything from carbon footprint assessments, to assistance with sustainability strategies, setting net zero targets, environmental comms, content & marketing and providing employee sustainability memberships. Basically, we are experts in helping businesses combat climate change and becoming more sustainable.

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