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Employee sustainability rankings

The UN Expert Group on Corporate Greenwashing has urged businesses to fix employee engagement.

Business sustainability rankings

Rated out of five by those that know best - employees

#CompanyClimateNaturePlasticSDGsGoal diffOverall score
Southbank Centre's faviconSouthbank Centre5. your part
6Ecotricity's faviconEcotricity5. your part
10Diageo's faviconDiageo5. your part
12Unilever's faviconUnilever5. your part
13PWC's faviconPWC4.504.505.003.0044.25Failing valiantly
16Arcadis's faviconArcadis5. valiantly
19Sky's faviconSky5. valiantly
21Netflix's faviconNetflix5.004.003.502.5033.75Failing valiantly
22Oliver Wyman's faviconOliver Wyman5. valiantly
23Frasers Group's faviconFrasers Group5. valiantly
Channel 4 valiantly
25BCG's faviconBCG4.503.003.503.5033.63Failing valiantly
27McKinsey's faviconMcKinsey5.
31Alphabet (Google)'s faviconAlphabet (Google)
32SalesForce's faviconSalesForce4.
33Mars's faviconMars3.
34John Lewis Partnership's faviconJohn Lewis Partne...3.503.003.503.0023.25Underwhelming
37Microsoft's faviconMicrosoft3.003.003.503.5003.25Underwhelming
39Virgin Media O2's faviconVirgin Media O23.
41Apple's faviconApple3.383.253.002.8813.13Underwhelming
42National Grid's faviconNational Grid5.
43ITV's faviconITV3.002.003.503.5013.00Underwhelming
44Knight Frank's faviconKnight Frank5.
47Marks & Spencer's faviconMarks & Spencer3.502.003.003.5003.00Underwhelming
48Reckitt Benckiser's faviconReckitt Benckiser3.

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