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We're a team of technical experts and content creators that help businesses, sports and individuals combat climate change and protect nature.

Where we started - The Two Jacks & Jess

Nowadays we're lucky enough to have an amazing team to keep us on the straight and narrow. We also work with some epic businesses, ranging from vineyards to corporates to sports teams, but we thought we'd take you back to where it started...

We're Jack and Jacques - the Two Jacks. First and foremost we're friends. Our journey has taken us from the corporate world of navy blue suits and jargon, through the idiosyncrasies of Indian politics and the UK Civil Service, and now to Carbon Jacked. Despite, as many do, Jack finding it hard to warm to Jacques on first impressions, and despite our wildly differing interpretations of fun, we have stayed friends throughout.

We started Carbon Jacked because we want to make doing the right thing easy and fun. We feel that all too often climate organisations are unwilling or unable to persuade people to take action on climate change – so we thought we'd have a crack ourselves.

All that said, we were much in need of a little creative flair, mischief and general va va voom… so we managed to persuade Jess along for the ride. If you'd seen our pre–Jess social media plans you'd quickly realise how integral she's been from the off and it also helps that she has unrivalled sport and sustainability credentials.