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climate change causes rising sea levels

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The IPCC – what is it? And what do they do?

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Published 12/14/2022

What is the IPCC?

Another day, another acronym – the IPCC.

The IPCC stands for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – catchy, we know.

It’s part of the United Nations and it’s basically the most important organisation for the science of climate change.

What does the IPCC do?

They produce the evidence and data about what’s happened with climate change, how it happened, what’s going to happen next and how we can stop it - think of it as kryptonite to climate deniers.

The IPCC is made up of all the leading climate scientists, who produce really detailed reports based on the latest data. These reports are so detailed that they take 5-7 years to produce - so it’s safe to say that the reports are meticulously well evidenced and definitely worth listening to.

The IPCC’s latest report

The latest IPCC report – also known as AR6 – delivered a pretty serious warning about climate change. It said, “it is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, oceans and land” and the UN Chief referred to the report as “a code red for humanity”.

So basically, the reports that they produce are very important and extremely detailed, but the truth is that they are a bit dry... Luckily, The Jacks claim to be avid readers so hit us up with any questions so we can put that to the test...

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