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employee engagement in sustainability

Employee engagement

What do employees think about their employer's sustainability?

Employee Sustainability Ranking

Published 2/1/2023

Big corporations tend to make some pretty saucy claims about their sustainability credentials… so we thought we’d find out the truth by asking those that should know best – their employees.

Check out our Employee Sustainability Rankings and rate your employer now.

employee sustainability rankings

Our Employee Sustainability Rankings rate businesses based on how their employees view their sustainability efforts on:

🌍 Climate 🐝 Nature 🥤 Plastic 🇺🇳 Sustainable Development Goals

Why are these sustainability rankings important?

Getting sustainability right isn't just about public commitments and your operations. You can set all the targets you want, but if your employees don't believe in your efforts or know what you're doing, you'll never succeed.

Why is it important to engage and educate your employees on sustainability?

Tbh it's pretty obvious - you'll never reach Net Zero or live up to your sustainability claims without bringing your people with you.

How to get employee engagement right?

  1. STOP putting millions into sustainability without understanding what your employees think.
  2. STOP treating your employees like children when it comes to sustainability with patronising gamification and apps nobody uses.
  3. START working with us to understand your employees and get engagement right.

We work with you to understand your employees and get employee engagement right. Our services include:

  1. Expert polling and focus group sessions for your employees
  2. Sustainable employee engagement programmes
  3. Climate change education for employees
  4. Offering sustainable employee memberships / benefits through our Nature Positive membership platform

For a more detailed explainer see our blog on 'How to engage your employees on sustainability & climate change'.

If you want to learn more about how you can become a more sustainable employer and improve employee engagement on sustainability, get in touch with us at to set up a chat.

The CJ Team x