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High impact & evocative

Published 9/30/2021

We’re not here to mess about, we’re here to make a real difference in the fight against climate change. We do this by 1) working with climate projects that make the most difference and 2) inspiring as many people as possible to get involved.

So we select projects based on two main factors:

On impact, we use the principles of effective altruism i.e. using evidence and rational thinking to maximise the good we can do (for a less accessible definition see here...). We use leading academic and data-led organisations such as Oxford University’s Global Priorities Institute, Effective Altruism & The Centre for Effective Altruism, Giving What We Can, Founders Pledge and GiveWell to inform our thinking.

On being evocative, it’s all very well having the highest impact projects, but it doesn’t matter if nobody wants to contribute to them. So our projects need to resonate. We want to get new people interested so that they join us and start to protect and restore nature. The more people that join Carbon Jacked, the bigger the impact we have.

Based on the above framework, we look at a number of different factors when deciding which projects to partner with, including:

  1. Evidence-based - we want to work with projects that are underpinned by evidence and led by the data.
  2. Clear results - a direct, measurable and cost-effective impact for the money we contribute. This could mean CO2 reductions / removals, improving biodiversity and access to nature, or wider societal benefits like education.
  3. Well organised - our projects need to be run well, from their mission and leadership to employees and culture, with a high level of transparency.
  4. Compelling (or potentially compelling...) - we want projects we can bring to life to get our members and potential members to want to do more.
  5. Real relationships - we want to know the people we’re partnering with. What they’re about and why they do what they do.

Unlike others, our memberships are not based on carbon offsetting or making you carbon neutral. They're based on supporting the projects that will have the biggest impact and inspiring people to connect with nature.

And that’s it.

We’re always interested in getting recommendations for new projects to support so hit us up at if you have decent ideas.

Much love,

The CJ Team x