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Educating Employees on Climate Change, Nature & Sustainability

Sustainability L&D

Published 2/10/2023

You’ll never become a sustainable business without EDUCATING & ENGAGING your employees about it. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it’s forgotten. When it comes to sustainability, too often businesses focus obsessively on their operations and forget about the people side. That needs to change.

Why you should be educating your people?

In case that wasn’t enough, there is always the need for businesses to help avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Extreme weather, mass displacement of people, species extinctions, that sort of thing...

How to get sustainability learning & development wrong

  1. Ignore sustainability as an L&D topic altogether
  2. Trot out an off-the-shelf solution that has no relevance to your business
  3. Make your employees sit through a training course so boring it makes them want to speed up planetary destruction rather than reverse it... you know the type we’re talking about
  4. Provide one-off training that doesn’t leave the classroom or lead to any long-term behaviour change

How to get sustainability learning & development right

How we can help

At Carbon Jacked, we combine genuine sustainability expertise with a background in science-based behavioural insights to provide training sessions that are genuinely tailored, engaging and relevant for your staff.

We speak to you to find out how your business operates and what you care about, which we use to design and deliver a training programme that will embed sustainability into the DNA of your people

We can also help you build broader employee engagement programmes which you can read about here.

If you want to find out more about our sustainability L&D training programmes get in touch with us at and we can set up a chat.

Stay Green,

The CJ Team x