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Zero-emission collection service

Helping food banks in Southwark

Published 12/28/2020

By Polly Nash

An environmental start-up run by two friends launched a zero-emission collection service to increase food bank donations and encourage people to live more sustainably.

Carbon Jacked, the Peckham-based environmental service, is using an electric vehicle to collect donations across Southwark to ease the burden.

The initiative provides collection boxes to local businesses and residents, planting 10 trees for every box of donations they receive.

Co-founders, Jack Curtis and Jacques Sheehan, hope that the joint venture of food collection and tree planting will raise awareness of the impact food waste has on climate change.

They said: “Food waste is a huge driver of global emissions, with a recent report finding that avoiding food waste and supporting food banks saved the planet more than 10 billion kilos of CO2 in one year.”

The monthly collection service was launched after Unicef announced that they would step in to help feed hungry children in the UK for the first time in its 70-year history: with £25,000 of aid focussed on Southwark council.

This article was originally published by London News Online