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Eurostar trip emits 29 times less carbon dioxide emissions compared to flying on CJ's recent adventure

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29 Times Better Than Flying & Some...

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Published 8/19/2022

29 times better than flying & then some

Our latest no flying adventure hasn't taken us quite as far as a Greek Island... in fact it was so straightforward it wasn’t actually that much of an adventure. On the hunt for some nature, and keen to avoid the airport chaos, we got the train down to South-West France and the Médoc Regional Natural Park. 🇫🇷 Our journey was super simple, with a Eurostar to Paris and then one more train down to Bordeaux.

As well as being rather pleasant, the emissions from the trip were 29 times lower than if we’d have flown. That is 🍌🍌🍌s.

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Other comparisons

💸 Cost: Trains = £97 | flight = approx £90 with baggage

⏳ Travel time: trains = 4.5 hours + 1hr for changeover | flight + check in time = 3.5 hours

👀 Faff: Trains = nil | flight = lots

🧳 Percentage chance of your baggage getting lost... Trains = 0 | flight = highly likely

Sadly, this time, there were no train-boats but we did cruise under the sea sur l’Eurostar 🤷🏽‍♂️

Our last no flying trip from London to Naxos Island was pretty extreme, and not the type of trip that’s always feasible, so this time we wanted to show that it can be easy peasy and affordable to switch your short-haul flight for a train or two.

Saving the planet shouldn't be boring.

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P.s. we totally get that avoiding flying isn’t always possible. All we’re saying is that when it is, it’s well worth considering. 👌

Lot of love from the imperfect environmentalists xoxo

If you ever want to get in touch about how you or your business can become more sustainable, drop us an email at , or check out our environmental memberships and business services.

Much love,

The CJ Team x