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3 Things to READ, LISTEN to & WATCH this Earth Week


Published 4/17/2023

As it’s Earth Day this week we thought we’d get the ball rolling with three things that you should be reading, listening to and watching this week.

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Worth a read

Our CJ explainer of the IPCC’s latest major climate report (nerdy, but important).

  1. Kryptonite to climate change deniers. We’ve summarised the latest report to give you the need-to-know info in 30 seconds.
  2. Check it out here.

Worth a listen

An episode from Reasons to be Cheerful podcast ‘Full steam ahead: the resurgence of international train travel’.

  1. Come for the Man in Seat61, stay for the glories of Indian train travel, try not to leave because it's a politician's podcast...
  2. Find it wherever you get your podcasts.

Worth a watch

Wild Isles – obviously.

  1. Ostensibly just an old man standing on a cliff in the wind... and yet magnificent nonetheless.
  2. Available in all its glory on iPlayer.

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Much love,

The CJ Team x