climate change causes monsoon floods in Pakistan


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Published 10/14/2022

The WWF’s shocking figures, unnecessary domestic flights, green energy milestones and who pays for climate change... we’ve covered it all this week:

  • NATURE NIGHTMARE: The biennial WWF Living Planet Report is out with some shocking figures. Global wildlife populations have plummeted by 69% since 1970. Nature – our own life support system – is breaking, and they’re urging immediate action. 
  • SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER NEWS: We’ve said it before and the IF agree. The Intergenerational Foundation are calling for the British government to ban domestic flights where there is a rail equivalent journey available. The policy could reduce flight emissions by 53% in Great Britain, with minuscule disruption to commuters – sounds like a no-brainer to us. Read the full report here.
  • THIS SHIT IS REAL: It’s hard to have missed the devastating news about the floods in Pakistan over the past few weeks. The low-emitting country is suffering the consequences of atmospheric pollution. This has sparked a moral and political argument about who should pay to tackle the crisis. Or more specifically; should wealthier, less vulnerable and high-emitting countries take more responsibility? This debate is set to take the spotlight at the upcoming COP27. Read more about the debate here. 
  • TANTALISING TECH: Greece hits a huge green energy milestone, running solely off 100% renewable power for 5 hours last week. Huge investments in solar projects have made this possible. They’ve proven green energy works at scale. Policymakers elsewhere take note...

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