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Published 2/17/2023

Sea level rises, car bans, green arms races, hard times for ski bums, top bins and... the saving habits of Jesus himself... check out the latest Climate News:

  • SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER NEWS: If you earned £40,000 a day from when Jesus was born to the present day, you would still not make as much as Shell did in profits last year (H/T Greenpeace), which in case you missed it was £32.2 billion... not sure we need to say more than that, but the International Energy Agency has the lowdown on what bumper profits look like across the sector.
  • AGAIN, THIS SHIT IS REAL: The UN Secretary General warned that rising sea levels threaten “a mass exodus of entire populations on a biblical scale” for the many. Meanwhile, more apres, less ski for the few...
  • EV EXTRAVAGANZA: The EU is set to ban new sales of fossil fuel vehicles from 2035 but there are concerns the industry may not be ready for such a dramatic change. Read more about the debate here.
  • PLANETARY POLITICS: A green arms race is underway. Biden fired the starting gun with his Inflation Reduction Act, quickly followed by the EU’s promise to rival the US with ‘unprecedented investment in clean technology’... but is the UK even turning up to the party?
  • SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER NEWS (TV): the irrepressible Jessica Rogers made her Soccer AM debut during Green Football Weekend talking about what fans can do to live more sustainably. Luckily her advice was better than her volleying...

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