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Employee Engagement

Engaging your employees on sustainability & climate change

How we do it

Published 7/7/2022


As an environmental start-up that specialise in helping businesses engage their employees and attract new talent through nature and sustainability, we’re tired of seeing companies get it wrong. So we thought we'd lay down the law on how to do it properly.

WHAT YOU CAN'T DO (and this is obvious, but people keep doing it)

  1. Communicate through the same old internal comms channels
  2. Run a lacklustre change campaign centred around a generic carbon footprint app that only gets used once or twice and then never again
  3. Absolve your employees of their guilt by making them ‘carbon neutral’ at the click of a button using cheap offsets and the like

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO (your six-point plan)

  • Come up with interesting concepts to make it different – it can’t be like standard corporate communications. It needs to be thought-provoking and fun.
  • Make it highly relevant to the organisation – our data and qualitative feedback has consistently shown that employees really care about what their organisation is doing on nature and climate.
  • You need to create something for everyone – sustainability is a broad topic and people care about different things. Some people care passionately about wildlife while others care far more about waste and plastic pollution.
  • Make it multi-channel – everyone engages differently, so you need to ensure that content is shared across every channel available, from email, staff groups, in person, on the intranet... the lot.
  • You need to frame the message effectively – a sensible way to do this is by using Science-Based Behavioural Insights such as ‘gain frames’ i.e. focusing on the personal gain or benefit to the employee rather than focusing on less effective negative messaging.
  • Lastly, you need to take it seriously – as we’ve said you can engage employees, but you need to do it properly - you can’t hand it over to somebody as an extracurricular activity. If it’s not done professionally it’ll be a waste of time.


Using the above principles, we have designed our Sustainable Carbon Jacked memberships to engage employees on environmental issues in the most effective way. We work directly with our clients to tailor our memberships to their sustainability strategies.


“The world’s coolest sustainable membership”– that plants trees, funds projects that restore nature and reduces your carbon footprint.

Each membership: 

  1. Plants 10 trees per employee each month
  2. Funds incredible high-impact projects that tackle climate change and restore nature 
  3. Grants access to the Carbon Jacked carbon footprint calculator, a tailored assessment and recommendations for footprint reduction 
  4. Gives access to the online Carbon Jacked member area and discounts on sustainable brands 
  5. Improves wellbeing through greater connection with nature 
  6. Provides education on climate change and sustainable development, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals


If you want to find out more about how your business can engage employees on sustainability get in touch with us at and we can set up a chat.

Stay Green,

The Carbon Jacked Team x