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Personal actions - how you can tackle climate change

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Published 7/11/2023

Now, when it comes to what you can personally do to combat climate change it can seem a bit overwhelming.

But it's important - 62% of the emissions reductions we need to make to reach Net Zero come from behaviour change.

So we've set out a simple framework for how you can think about it and start doing your bit. Remember, you don't need to be perfect, you just need to make a start.

It's all about energy, transport, food

80% of your carbon footprint comes from energy, transport and food, which are areas you can easily make changes to.

1. Energy ​- where you get your energy from 💥

It’s simple if you can afford it, move to a renewable energy tariff.​ Check out how here.

2. Transport - how you get around 🚴‍♀️

Go⚡. Try the train. Ride a bike. Use your legs. You get the picture.​ Check out how different modes of transport compare here.

3. Food - what you eat 🥕

Eat clean, eat (more) green.​ Check out why here.

carbon footprint of food

Want to go further?

And then if you want to go further, you can’t go wrong thinking about where you put stuff...


1. Where you put your rubbish -

Waste not want not. Go circular where you can. If not, think reduce, reuse, recycle.

2. Where you put your money -

Your spending matters so put your money where your planet is. Think about the brands you buy from, where you put your savings and how your pension is invested.

3. Where you put your vote -

Just vote with mother earth in mind...

So that's that. Start with energy, transport, food. And then look at your waste, your spending and your vote.

Climate protest sign

Saving the planet shouldn't be boring.

The CJ Team x