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Sustainable Shopping

Published 12/6/2023

Besides a Carbon Jacked membership (that funds epic climate projects and gives access to our platform that educates you on sustainability and inspires you to get out into nature)…👀 we thought we’d give you 8 splendiferous sustainable gift ideas for Xmas.

1. Charity donations 👼🏽

You can't go wrong with charity donations - people love it, and will love you for it. For example: Amnesty, Save the Children (any and all tbh...)

2. Books 📖

You can get amazing quality second-hand books from World of Books.

3. Jewellery 💎

You can get beautiful vintage and antique jewellery - we recommend Forage and Finds. Or if you want something really luxurious, you should check out Sky Diamonds. Their diamonds are made from extracting carbon from the sky - incredible.

4. Vinyls 💿

If you're looking for something a little more affordable, you can find vinyls from charity shops, or...

5. Photo frames 📸

If you want to gift someone a nice photo, charity shops have the best photo frames. Find your closest charity shop here.

6. Toiletries 🧴

There are tonnes of refillable, sustainable brands out there, but we would recommend:

  1. Faith in Nature
  2. Siabann
  3. & Eco Warrior

7. Plants 🪴

Unbelievable gift at christmas. Not flowers though...

8. Food & Drink 🍷

Get stuff that people actually want and will actually eat - not things that will go to waste as this will lead to more carbon emissions. You could gift homemade chutneys, or we have our Carbon Jacked carbon negative wine.

9. I know we said 8... but are you complaining...? 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼

You can also find some amazing handcrafted goods from fab sellers on Etsy.

Remember, we don’t need more sh*t in our lives. So don’t overbuy.

It’s all about spending time together, not presents.

Happy (sustainable) shopping💫

Peace Out & Merry Xmas,

The CJ Team x