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Our top 5 green festival hacks

Published 7/3/2022

Carbon Jacked eco festival tips- Our 5 top hacks to make sure your festival is as green as the grass you're camping on

It’s been a week since we were at Glastonbury - and we had a blast 💥 Now we’re recovered we’re coming at you with our top five festival eco tips 👇

1. Don’t buy new clothes - there’s enough in the world already, just beg, borrow (don’t steal). 👘

2. Take a reusable cup, bottle and cutlery with you ☕️

3. Camping equipment - borrow from friends or buy second-hand ⛺️

4. Eat (more) veggie / vegan - festivals have so many class plant-based options these days. 🌱

5. Leave no trace. Make sure you take everything home with you and protect the land when you’re there. 🖤

There's loads more you can do too but as imperfect environmentalists we don't want to preach too much and want to give you more of a starter for 10.

Check out the below video - Jess filmed this live from Glastonbury before Paul McCartney's legendary set on Saturday night. It was a corker of a weekend.

Much love,

The CJ Team x