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Nature Positive – What is it?

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Published 12/6/2022

What does Nature Positive mean?

Nature Positive... a very new piece of jargon, but a very important one.

Put simply Nature Positive means reversing the decline of both plant and animal species.

More specifically it describes a world where nature is being restored rather than wrecked.

Why go Nature Positive? and why is Nature Positive important?

Sadly, nature is in a pretty bad state. The WWF’S Living Planet Report shows that the world’s wildlife populations have declined by an average of 69% in less than 50 years. For a full explainer of what that stat means check out this piece from Our World in Data.

We need to get our act together to not only stop this decline but actually start restoring nature.

The Biodiversity Conference of the Parties

One of the major places that Nature Positive is spoken about is at Biodiversity COP, which is a big government conference focusing on protecting nature and biodiversity.

The next biodiversity COP (formally known as COP15) is coming up, beginning on the 7th of December, and will be hosted in Montreal.

We’re also starting to see leading companies talking about becoming Nature Positive, which is a pretty positive development.

How you can get involved and Get Nature Positive

Nature positive is going to be the next big environmental movement. If you want to get involved and find out about what you can do, go check out our Nature Positive memberships.

If you ever want to get in touch about how you or your business can become more sustainable, drop us an email at , or check out our environmental memberships and business services.

Much love,

The CJ Team x