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sustainable christmas gifts - carbon negative wine, m24 bags, shampoo bar

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Sustainable Christmas Gifts You Should Know About

Sustainable Tips

Published 12/16/2022

Xmas is 9 days away...and we are not fans of sh*t unsustainable presents. ❌ So, we wanted to give you some quick tips on where to shop last-minute gifts that won’t f*ck up the planet.💥

FYI we weren’t paid to recommend any of these products or brands, we just like them and think they’re good options. 👌

Goes without saying that we don’t mention all of our recommendations in this vid by any means...Jess probably could have done a whole series (and no doubt would have loved to...but we’ve been busy elves helping businesses and sports become more sustainable and all that important stuff).

Ultimately, we’d always 100% recommend giving to charity as the best possible Xmas present and in the same vein - not buying things is the best way to be militantly sustainable. But, if you’re imperfect environmentalists like us and will be buying some gifts, we’re huge fans of second-hand, vintage and antique clothes as well as everything else we cover in this vid. Links below to all brands and items mentioned as well as some of our fave businesses👇

Happy sustainable Xmas all. 🎄

Recommend products + brands linked below ⬇️ 🔗

Tarpaulin backpack - M24 Bags

Toiletries – Siabann - Scottish handmade products

Shampoo, body + face bars - Eco Warrior Soap

Menstrual Cup - Unicorn Cup

Vintage/second-hand shops - Beyond Retro & Depop

Antique + Vintage Jewellery - Forage & Find Antiques

Charities - Amnesty International, Shelter, Crisis

For nature lovers – our Carbon Jacked environmental memberships

Carbon negative wine - Terra, Carbon Jacked

Organic cotton clothing - Sustainable Clothing, Carbon Jacked

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Saving the planet shouldn’t be boring.

Stay green,

The CJ Team x